Be in the moment

Sit by the fire

Watch the stars

Drink the water

Play a board game

Take a nap on the swing

Walk up onto the mountain

Take pictures

Swim in the dam

Have something cold or hot

Eat what you have braaied

Breathe fresh and clean air

Listen to bird song

Ride your bicycle

Take an invigorating open air and hot shower





You can hike to the top of the mountain called Orrelpype, a conglomerate rock formation, which gives a breathtaking view over all the mountains, literally as far as the eye can see. To climb ontop of the mountain see as far as they eye can see down the kloof, is breathtaking and very special gift for those who do the climb. A must when you visit our farm


But for the best views and relatively easy walk, the beginning of the Crocodile’s back, is the gift of gifts. Here you will be able to see one of the old Willowmore cedar trees (Widdringtonia Schwarzii) and stil get to scamble the Crocdile’s back if yo have the nerve


Ou Beeste-Paadjie is an energetic assault on an old trail, used many years ago to herd cattle to the top of the mountain for grazing. Tough and steep, for those willing to endure more to reach the top of the farm’s majestic mountain. If you follow the trial across the top of the mountain it connect you to the Orrelpype


Birds in their natural habitat

Take time to see, watch and listen – day and night

Water birds and terrapins are found at the crystal clear natural spring dam called Fontein-Dam, which we have just enlarged so as to hand-irrigate the newly worked fields beneath it

The second dam called Jeremiah, will also become a natural habitat. In time the dried tree stumps we have gathered will be burned to form a sealing ash layer to keep its water -

water we trust will come from the newly drilled boreholes and God’s mercy-rain when the drought is broken

A pair of black eagles (witkruis arende) are resident in these majestic mountains

Territorial birds also frequent the Cement dam, the same one people can cool off in in summer


Wild life
Several pairs of klipspringer are resident on different mountain cliffs surrounding the basin

Dark speci-Kudus roam freely through the entire kloof

For the first time in 20 years they can be seen late afternoon and walking freely at night on the fields and salt lick next to our spring dam

Wild horses still reside on top of the mountain

Leopard tortoises naturally occur here and hibernate during the colder months

Reedbuck can be seen from time to time


Soon enough we would like to introduce wild buck to roam on the farm

Cooling off in summer
A real cement dam filled with cool clear water… it is just like the magazine pictures!  

Koi San Paintings
A rare find to be appreciated as part of our ancient heritage – a guided tour can be arranged

Seasonal waterfalls and rivers
When it rains a lot, the cascading waterfalls and rivers are an awe-striking sight to behold

Sometimes during serious flooding one can be rained in for a couple of days…

We are praying for the 8 day rain to break the increasing drought right now


Creative art weekend and workshops

Sooner than later – please send me an email


Craft Shop & Vero’s
Located on the east of our farm on the main route, the sculpted earth shop houses local handcrafted artworks. Across the road one can find freshly baked roosterkoek at Vero’s

4 x 4 mountain trail & Horse excursions

Call Boetie Terblance 6km down the road from us for his expertise guidance


Authentic boere produce

Pastries, boerewors, jams, preserves, kudy steaks…

all can be bought at the Info center on Rietrivier

Or you can inquiry about Speekhout’s authenitic Italian cuisine – only on request ahead of time


Mountain Biking and Motor bikes
What can we say, the entire kloof is a biker’s dream




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