Speekhout Greetings

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A new dispensation, a new identity and new working farm as of April 2017


A GIGANTIC HUGE GINORMOUS THANK YOU to all the wonderful guests who have come to Speekhout Farm!

It has been an amazing experience, as well as a total surprise and privilege, to meet the most interesting, often intriguing, and just about always adventurous souls, who decide to spend time on Speekhout Farm.  We could never foresee how uplifting, encouraging and supportive our guests would have been to us amidst a sea of struggles we had to face after landing very hard in this beautiful place.

A thousand THANKYOU’S to each one who gave us space to talk and just process what was happening to us.  You have touched our lives and enriched our faith beyond what you would know. We are so very grateful for each caring heart and the compassion that we were shown by total strangers, brought to us because of the R332! Also thank you for good constructive feedback that has guided us in bettering our getaway spots so that guests can really relax and enjoy a peaceful farm stay. We care how well people rest. Again, with all of our hearts, we thank you for coming to Speekhout Farm!

This farm is situated in the majestic Baviaanskloof, a World Heritage Site situated in the Eastern Cape of Southern Africa. There are less than 20 privately owned farms on the west side of the Game Reserve remaining, and most farms border the greater Baviaans Nature Reserve, as is the case with Speekhout. This allows for free roaming of wild life and natural uninterrupted propagation, the reason there is abundant Kudu browsing on our land these days. There are 7 different bio-diversities that comes together in this unique landscape and we trust that even in the face of an ongoing and severe drought, its magnificent legacy will continue for the adventurous souls who seeks out this heart stopping and rugged natural beauty.

Speekhout farm is located 18 km from the beginning of the NuweKloof Pass, at the west side of the kloof, which has been divided into the Eastern Cape Province. It is the R332, an epic adventure on a infamous dirt road trailing through stunning rock formation valley. Our closest towns are Willowmore, at about 55km on the N9 coming from Graaf Reinette, and still on the N9 but coming from George, we pass Uniondale at approximately 82km on the Vaalwater road. The farm is readily reached by low clearance sedan vehicles travelling slowly on some sections of the dirt road, especially before it is graded. From Patensie on the east side of Baviaans, it is a good day’s travel at about 5 hours through the reserve and kloof before arriving on our farm. From PE it’s about a 4 hour trip on the R75/R329 past Steytlerville onto the N9
We decided to keep the name of the farm the same, Speekhout (Kiggelaria Africana), which is the wild peach tree endemic to this area. Many moons ago it was the choice specimen to fashion the spokes of a wagon wheel. Even today there are still numerous specimens growing in the kloof. In researching the natural history of the kloof, it was startling to read that some of the last giant cedar trees were hauled out of the kloof by the 1890’s….. it brings painful tears to our eyes to know the Baviaans of today was like the Knysna forest before the turn of the 19th century…
But the kloof remains and here we are today. Sharing our farm is a total privilege as the awesomeness of the landscape and jut being here, pausing and being in the moment, has a deep connection and catharsis for the soul and spirit.

What makes Speekhout Farm special to pause at?

Clear air
Sweet water
Magnificent mountain views
A million stars at night
Scented fire
Extra-ordinary accommodation to fill the senses and comfort the body
Nature close and within reach
Not just a route through

Dog Friendly
Airbnb Super Host



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